Re: Can resources of a IDLE application be shared by others?

Deepak Vij

Over allocation of computing resources is a very serious problem in the contemporary cloud computing environment and across enterprise data centers in general. Famous Quasar research paper published by Stanford researches talks about this issue in great detail. There are startling numbers such as industry-wide utilization between 6% and 12%. A recent study estimated server utilization on Amazon EC2 in the 3% to 17% range.

Techniques which Google ("Borg") internally employs is called "Resource Reclamation" whereby over allocated resources are taken advantage of for executing best-effort workloads such as background analytics, and other low priority jobs. Such best-effort workloads could be pre-empted in case of any interference to the original normal running workload or resources are needed back at a later time. In order to be able to utilize unused resources in such a manner ("Resource Reclamation") requires underlying support for capabilities such as "Preemption & Resizing", "Isolation Mechanisms", "Interference Detection" etc.

Another important aspect of all this is the fact that users never know how to precisely do resource reservations - this leads to underutilization of computing resources. Instead, what is being proposed is some kind of classification based predictive analytics techniques whereby resource management system itself determines right amount of resources to meet the user performance constraints. In this case, user only specifies the performance constraints (SLO) not the actual low level resource reservations itself. Combination of predictive analytics based proactive approach in conjunction with reactive "resource reclamation" approach is the optimal strategy. This accounts for any mis-predictions as well.

Mesos Resource Management also supports "Resource Reclamation". Although, both Google ("Borg") and Mesos do not employ predictive analytics based proactive approach in their environment.

I hope this makes sense and helps.

- Deepak Vij (Huawei, Software Lab., Santa Clara)

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Hello, all

When pushing an application to CF, we need to define its disk/memory limitation.
The memory limitation is just the possible maximum value will be needed in this application, but in most time, we don't need so much memory.
For example, I have one application which needs at most 5G memory at startup some some specific operation, but in most time it just needs 2G.
So right now I need to specify 5G in deployment manifest, and 5G memory is allocated.

Take m3.large VM for example, it has 7.5G.
Right now we can only push one application on it, but ideally we should can push more applications, like 3 since only 2G is needed for each application.

Can the resources of a IDLE application be shared by other applications?
It seems right now all the resources are pre-allocated when pushing application, it will not be released even I stopped the application.

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