How to enable Windows2012r2 in PivotalCF account

Gw .

i am trying to push a .NET based app to cloud foundry .
I have an account at and when I try to list the stacks available in my org and space, I see only cflinuxfs2 but not the new windows2012r2 stack.

Can anyone suggest me the documentation on how to do that or help me with this ?

Link( suggests that I need access to Cloud Foundry installation with Elastic Runtime/Diego support enabled. And when I searched for the same, I got informatoion on how I can deploy an ops manger and enable Diego/elastic runtime( .Does this mean I need to have an AWS accountand a CF deployment on that ? Can I not try a sample .NET app using my pivotalCF account ? i.e Is there a way to add windows Stack to my current org ?


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