Re: `api_z1/0' is not running after update to CF v231

Paul Bakare

Wayne, is the nfs_server-partition running?

On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 1:43 AM, Wayne Ha <wayne.h.ha(a)> wrote:

I checked the blobstore is running:

root(a)e83575d2-dfbf-4f7c-97ee-5112560fa137:/var/vcap/sys/log# monit summary
The Monit daemon 5.2.4 uptime: 4h 14m
Process 'consul_agent' running
Process 'metron_agent' running
Process 'blobstore_nginx' running
Process 'route_registrar' running
System 'system_e83575d2-dfbf-4f7c-97ee-5112560fa137' running

But there are thousands of errors saying DopplerForwarder: can't forward
message, loggregator client pool is empty:

root(a)e83575d2-dfbf-4f7c-97ee-5112560fa137:/var/vcap/sys/log# find . -name
"*.log" | xargs grep -i error | cut -c 73-500 | sort -u
"error","message":"DopplerForwarder: can't forward message","data":{
"error":"loggregator client pool is empty"},



Not sure what is wrong.

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