Re: User defined variable "key" validation doesn't happen at cf set-env phase

Nicholas Calugar

Hi Ponraj,

I don't think the CC can make any determination regarding the validity of
environment variables as the CC doesn't (and shouldn't) know how each
buildpack will use these environment variables.



On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 9:22 AM Ponraj E <ponraj.e(a)> wrote:

Hi CF Colleagues,

I see various PaaS providers provide the UI for entering the User provided
variables' key and value, but they dont seem to validate the "key" at the
save ["set-env"] phase, the validation happens only at
the restage phase. This is also because CF does the same. Is there any
reason that CC doesnt validate keys of user defined environment varibles at
the cf set-env phase ?

Examples: set-env spring-music !@#$$%% "foobar" succeeds, but the restage
fails throwing /bin/bash: line 6: export: `!@#49%%=foobar': not a valid
identifier set-env spring-music "!@#$$%%" "foobar" succeeds, the restage also
succeeds but the same as above is thrown as message here.

P.S: The above variables are used for only testing purposes and these
would give errros at the runtime usage in the application is implicit here.


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