Org and Space Quota management

Padmashree B

Hi Colleagues,

I need a clarification regarding the org and space quota management:
1. Consider the org quota to have the following
Memory: 10GB, Routes: 500, Services: 250, App Instances: 1000
2. CF allows to create a space quota within this org with the following inputs:
Memory: 5GB, Routes: 750, Services: 150, App Instances: -1
3. Though Routes and App Instances are higher than that of the org limit, there is no validation while creating the space quota plan.
Ofcourse, eventually it will be possible to create and consume resources only to the limits defined by the org quota and this is being shared across all the spaces defined within the org. If this is the case, are there any specific reasons for not restricting creation of such space quota plan? If one has to develop tools to maintain quota management, then the tool has to build the logic to respect the org constraints while defining the space quota plan - is this the recommendation?

One reasoning for the current behavior of the APIs could be to allow flexibility to change the quotas at both org and space level. But would like to learn from the experts the details, thanks !

Kind Regards,

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