Nanduni Nimalsiri

Hi Eric,

Thank you very much for looking into this matter. Actually I was not well and I couldn't reply you. I am really really grateful for you and Amit for looking into this matter very generously.

Actually, your description explains me well. The problem here is that WSO2 products use HTTPS, and there's no way to change that behavior because that will be affecting the overall company process.

WSO2 products are based on Carbon platform and they are run with HTTPS mode. [1] is a basic WSO2 product repo which runs the WSO2 ESB.

So, can you propose me any other way to deploy WSO2 products in Cloud Foundry, if I'm unable to handle with Docker images. As a company, we are now in the strategy of trying out our products in different PaaSes. So your support is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

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