Java Buildpack: Stale Files Outside of WEB-INF

Daniel Jones

Hi all,

If one pushes a .war containing files outside of WEB-INF, deletes the app,
then pushes a new version where those files outside of WEB-INF have been
changed, these changes are not reflected in the running app. Is this
expected behaviour? The buildpack is forked, from commit 71ab82a

I was just about to go about creating a repeatable test case and raising a
GitHub issue, but figured it'd be best to check that this isn't the way
it's *supposed* to work.

For the record I realise that resources should be in WEB-INF by convention,
but the users where I am are expecting feature parity with non-CF Tomcat
which unpacks the whole .war.

Many thanks in advance,

Daniel Jones

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