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Hello Guillaume,

On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 5:09 AM, Guillaume Berche <bercheg(a)> wrote:


Thanks again to the CF Foundation for the great cf summit, and for
publishing so promptly the video recordings on youtube. The sessions
content is great to watch, and I'm sometimes lacking the high resolution
slides display, and ability to use the slides as a reference.

There is currently 12 slide decks onto [1] over the 38 sessions presented.
Is there somewhere else they can be accessed, or any way for the foundation
to publish the ones speakers have already posted on the CFP system ?
I will double check with our content manager, but typically if slides are
missing it is because the speakers did not share the with us. If we do
still have some that have not been posted, I'll make sure that happens by

Thank you,


Thanks in advance,



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Cloud Foundry Foundation

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