Re: Staging error Issue

Michael Fraenkel <michael.fraenkel@...>

If you can look at the DEA log, you will see a log message that will
include the actual http error that occurred.
In an upcoming release, the actual error will be included in the log
shown below.

- Michael

On 2/25/16 10:34 PM, suman saurabh wrote:
Every time when the application stops with staging error, it gives below error:

2016-02-25T14:10:30.30+0530 [STG] ERR
2016-02-25T14:10:46.83+0530 [STG] OUT -----> Uploading droplet (94M)
2016-02-25T14:11:19.88+0530 [API] ERR Encountered error: Staging error: fail
ed to stage application:
2016-02-25T14:11:19.90+0530 [API] ERR Error uploading: http://api.xxxxx. (Polling status: 0 - )

Start app timeout

Server error, status code: 400, error code: 170001, message: Staging error: fail
ed to stage application:
Error downloading: Response status: unknown

But after restarting the application after some time it behaves normally .

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