Replacing mysql with mariadb in cflinuxfs2

Danny Rosen

Hi There,

We’ve received feedback from the community that applications being deployed
on Cloud Foundry may be linking to libmysqlclient, which is distributed
under a GPL license. As this was expressed as a potential legal concern
we’ve experimented with replacing the mysql client library with mariadb.

We’re happy to conclude that our experiments with Java, Ruby, PHP, Go,
Python and Nodejs proved a desired level of backwards compatibility and
would like to move forward with shipping the change.

Before we make the change we’d like to request feedback from the community
concerning backwards compatibility. If you have concerns and would like to
go through validation, we’ve created a docker image [1] for testing.

Our preference is to move forward with a change to the cflinuxfs2 by
3/16/2015. If you have any concerns or feedback please comment on this
issue [2].

[1] -
[2] -

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