Re: cloud foundry - 413 Request Entity Too Large

James Bayer

since this is commercial software you can always open a support case with
pivotal to get help with an SLA.

cf doesn't limit the body size, but i think the max upload size is
somewhere around 1GB or so. is the 413 error code coming from tomcat or
some other middleware? what kind of app do you have and how is it packaged?
do you have any of the logs to share? what kind of REST call, is it a GET
with large headers, a POST or PUT?

On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 10:04 AM, Ohana, Avia <Avia.Ohana(a)> wrote:


I'm using Cloud Foundry v2, pivotal v1.4 distribution.

All my apps are written in java, build pack is java_buildpack_offline_v3.0.

Trying to make REST call with ~12MB body size to one of my apps, and
getting error 413 Request Entity Too Large with the following headers:

X-Cf-Requestid c80a7e06-7102-459e-721a-251189596ece

Date Sun, 07 Jun 2015 08:20:45 GMT

Content-Length 0

Content-Type text/plain; charset=utf-8

What is the default body size limit in cloud foundry? How can I configure

Any idea?

Thanks in advanced,


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