Re: routing-api and cf-230?

Christopher Piraino <cpiraino@...>

Hi Tom,

The only features that the routing-api currently provides are all
experimental, mostly related to registering HTTP and TCP routes. This means
that it is not necessary at all for a working Cloud Foundry deployment,
which is a reason we removed it from the default manifests.

We are also in the process of moving the routing-api into the
<> since it is
required fro TCP routing, another reason it was removed from default
cf-release manifests.

Hope that helps!

- Chris Piraino

On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 11:09 AM, Tom Sherrod <tom.sherrod(a)> wrote:

Openstack, cf 230

Following a manifest for 225, routing-api is part of the api_z instance.
Generating the manifest for 230, routing-api is not included. Following on
what worked, I added it. Api would not start.
routing-api failed:



to get verification key from UAA","log_level


Removed routing-api. CF deploy works fine, all appears ok.
What features will I lose with this not being deployed? We have scripts
make rest calls for routes. I haven't taken a crack at those yet.
Any additional pointers welcome.


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