Re: Is there any mechanism for restoring the Cloud Foundry state with Diego after rebooting the machine

Hristo Iliev


You can use bosh cloudcheck command to restore the VM state. That saves you
the time-consuming part of build/upload/deploy cycle, since it will just
restore the processes on the containers/VMs.

If you need more help with bosh, cf-bosh list is the right place to ask.

Hristo Iliev

2016-02-16 6:57 GMT+02:00 Nanduni Nimalsiri <nandunibw(a)>:

I have successfully deployed Diego in BOSH-Lite. But this process takes me
a long time, nearly an hour. So whenever I shut down and restart my
machine, I have to follow this process again and again. This wastes lots of
time to enable Docker support in Diego. Sometimes I have to rerun the steps
several times when I get errors.
Starting the Bosh-Lite director does not take a long time, so keeping that
Bosh-Lite director VM in suspended/paused state does not help me a lot.
Deploying the Diego release and CF release takes me a lot of time. I want
to know if there is any mechanism to start this process quickly when I
restart my machine. Is there any mechanism to restore the states after
rebooting the machine. Please help.

Best regards,

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