Is there a way to download an existing buildpack from cloudfoundry?

Rafal Radecki


I would like to get buildpack code for a buildpack which is currently in "cf buildpacks" list.
I tried:
- list of buildpacks -> cf curl /v2/buildpacks
- details about my buildpack -> cf curl /v2/buildpacks/03ab7576-a181-4c46-9a0a-c4d61d262c2e
In the second case I got:
"metadata": {
"guid": "03ab7576-a181-4c46-9a0a-c4d61d262c2e",
"url": "/v2/buildpacks/03ab7576-a181-4c46-9a0a-c4d61d262c2e",
"created_at": "2015-07-23T16:04:13Z",
"updated_at": "2015-07-23T17:25:46Z"
"entity": {
"name": "python-apt-xxx",
"position": 9,
"enabled": true,
"locked": false,
"filename": ""

Is there a way to get mentioned


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