Re: Deploying Diego to BOSH-Lite

Eric Malm <emalm@...>

Hi, Nanduni,

The diego-release README does recommend deploying the runtime-passed branch
of cf-release alongside the master branch of diego-release. Although the
two are typically compatible, development instability can sometimes cause
that not to be the case. That's unfortunately true right now because of
recent changes to certain cf-release property names that need to flow into
the Diego deployment manifest.

If you're only looking for releases of CF and Diego to deploy to BOSH-Lite
in order to try pushing some apps, you may be more interested in deploying
the latest stable CF release and an associated compatible Diego release. At
the moment, that's CF v230, and you can find the Diego release version and
other related releases listed at the end of the CF v230 release notes:

To use these versions, check out cf-release and diego-release to the
appropriate version tags, and make sure the submodules are up-to-date. This
corresponds to slightly revised instructions for steps 3 and 4 in the
diego-release README:

cd ~/workspace/cf-release
git checkout v230

cd ~/workspace/diego-release
git checkout v0.1450.0

With the release repositories at those versions, you should then be able to
proceed with the README instructions to generate the deployment manifests,
create and upload the releases, and deploy CF and Diego.

Hope that helps! If you need further assistance, please let us know here,
or join us on the Cloud Foundry Slack channels at

Eric, CF Runtime Diego PM

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 1:36 AM, Nanduni Nimalsiri <nandunibw(a)>

Hi all,

Sorry for troubling again. I generated the CF manifests successfully. But
I am getting errors while generating the Diego manifests. I gives me the
following error.

~/workspace/diego-release ~/workspace/diego-release
2016/02/10 14:54:28 error generating manifest: unresolved nodes:
(( merge )) in
(( merge )) in
(( merge )) in
././scripts/../manifest-generation/config-from-cf-internal.yml (
(( properties.metron_agent.tls_client.cert )) in dynaml
config_from_cf.metron_agent.tls_client.cert ()
(( properties.metron_agent.tls_client.key )) in dynaml
config_from_cf.metron_agent.tls_client.key ()
(( )) in dynaml ()

How can I get over this? Any help is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

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