Re: Deploying Diego to BOSH-Lite

Nanduni Nimalsiri

Thank you for the reply.

Yes I did as you have told. But it gives me errors. I'll tell what I did so that you might be able to figure out my mistake.

1. I downloaded this binary:
Now it is in my Downloads folder.
2. I extracted it there.
3. Then I used the command: sudo gedit ~/.profile and set the path as below.
export SPIFF_HOME=/home/nanduni/Downloads/spiff
Then I saved and refreshed that content using : source ~/.profile

Then I ran the following to generate the CF manifest.
$ cd ~/workspace/cf-release
$ ./scripts/generate-bosh-lite-dev-manifest

But it gives me the following error.
nanduni(a)nanduni-TECRA-M11:~/workspace/cf-release$ ./scripts/generate-bosh-lite-dev-manifest
Aborted. Please install spiff by following
Incorrect YAML structure in `/home/nanduni/workspace/cf-release/bosh-lite/deployments/cf.yml': expected Hash at the root

Can you tell me where I have gone wrong?

Best Regards,

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