Deploying Diego to BOSH-Lite

Nanduni Nimalsiri

Hi all,

I want to deploy Docker images to Cloud Foundry. I am still a newbie and I do not know much about it. My intention is to experience this locally in my machine via Bosh-Lite. So I suppose I need to follow the README[1] in BOSH Release for Diego (cloudfoundry-incubator/diego-release).

In brief, I want to deploy Diego to Bosh-Lite, but I am stuck with this for days. The README does not provide more details on this process. I am unable to install spiff which I suppose is a tool for generating the BOSH manifests. I followed spiff README[2]. But I failed to install spiff. Then I tried to install it by executable binaries as well as through its git hub repo by 'go get'. I followed this tutorial[3] too. But I could not succeed in any of the ways.

Can any one help me to install spiff or provide me any resource for this. If some one can teach me the process of deploying Diego to Bosh-Lite, it would be a great relief for me. If you find any good blog post on this subject, share it with me. Please help.

Best Regards,

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