Re: Issue in deploying Docker images on Cloud Foundry via Diego

Nanduni Nimalsiri

Thanks Daniel. I was struggling with this for days and your explanation on PWS solved all my doubts.
I have already used bosh-lite set up and deployed applications locally in my machine using that.
In case of integrating Docker support with Bosh-lite, I followed the following BOSH release for Docker(cloudfoundry-incubator/diego-release)[1].

But I came up with several errors. That wants me to install spiff, which I suppose is a tool for generating BOSH manifests. I followed spiff README[2]. But I failed to install spiff. I tried to install it by executable binaries as well as through its git hub repo by 'go get'. I followed this tutorial[3] too. But I could not succeed in any of the ways.
Can you please help me to install spiff or can you provide me any resource for this.

Best Regards,

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