Re: Application failed to stage with Error: 'No such file or directory [STG/0] ERR /usr/bin/env: ruby'

Amit Kumar Gupta

Your buildpack should have three executables in the bin directory:
"detect", "compile", and "release". If the code in those executables is
meant to be ruby, you'll need the appropriate shebang line, like this:

Does yours look different?


On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 5:00 AM, nitin padalia <padalia.nitin(a)>


I am trying to deploy my app on cloudfoundry using a custom offline
buildpack. Buildpack creation goes fine but when I push an app referring
that buildpack application fails to stage at compilation step with below
No such file or directory [STG/0] ERR /usr/bin/env: ruby

Any pointer, what I am missing here?


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