Removing ParentRequestID property from dropsonde's HttpStartStop event

Warren Fernandes

Hey CF-Dev,

We are making the following changes to the Dropsonde interface library used
by GoRouter to handle managing http headers to build the HttpStartStop

- We replaced the X-CF-RequestID with X-Vcap-Request-ID to be more
consistent with other components.
- We're now using the same UUID X-Vcap-Request-ID that comes into the
InstrumentedRoundTripper rather than regenerating another requestId and
saving the original one as the ParentRequestID for Dropsonde-handled
- We're removing the ParentRequestID since its no longer necessary and
requests are further distinguishable by the appID.

This could be a backwards-incompatible change for anyone relying on
Dropsonde's behavior surrounding the passing of requestID headers.

This story <> tracks its


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