Re: Issue with crashing Windows apps on Diego

Aaron Huber

I understand what you're trying to avoid, I just think that is actually the
normal case for the port healthchecks. Nothing on the Linux or Docker side
ever touches the app so it's entirely possible it will be added to the
router without it actually working and that is what I expect the platform to
do. Hopefully the more generic HTTP check can be added quickly to all the
right places so that we'll at least have more sensible options.

Now we just have to decide if we hang onto Iron Foundry that just uses a
port check until then, or try to explain to my users that most of their apps
won't work unless they turn off the healthcheck. I'm expecting most of them
won't RTFM and we'll get constant complaints about how our .NET support is
broken because their apps won't start up.


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