Requirements introduced in cf-release v229 for external PostgreSQL as CCDB

Shannon Coen

In support of work in progress to enable developers to specify application
ports when mapping routes, cf-release v229 introduces a database migration
for CCDB. *For deployments that use a PostgreSQL database for CCDB that is
NOT the PostreSQL job that comes with cf-release*, v229 introduces the
following requirements. These requirements are applicable for subsequent
releases. If you are using the PostgreSQL job that comes with cf-release,
or if you are using MySQL as the backing db for CC, no action is necessary.

- PostgreSQL 9.1 is required at a minimum
- For versions 9.1-9.3, operators must first install the extension
uuid-ossp [1]
- For versions 9.4 and newer, operators must first install the extension
pgcrypto [2]

Release Notes have been updated. [3]


Thank you,

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.

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