Wildcard routes, subdomains and failing smoke-test

Engelke, Johannes <info@...>

we got the following problem and I would like to know, if you have an idea how to solve it.

We setup a view domains:
- bar.io
- foo.bar.io
- cf.bar.io

Bar.io is used for all the end user related things like the landing page, documentation, etc. foo.bar.io is used for internal service endpoints and cf.bar.io is used for all stuff related to CF (api, uaa, login…) and some shared things like monitoring UI etc.

I created a route *.bar.io to move all typos etc. of our customer touch points to the central landing page. I was expecting <random>.cf.bar.io will be still return an 404 Route not found. Now smoketests (using cf.bar.io) are failing, because the wildcard domain is working recursive for all subdomains and is returning the content of *.bar app. (See: https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cf-smoke-tests/blob/master/smoke/runtime/runtime_test.go#L87-L93 <https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cf-smoke-tests/blob/master/smoke/runtime/runtime_test.go#L87-L93>)

*.bar.io -> landing-page-app
*.cf.bar.io -> landing-page-app (why?)
*.foo.bar.io -> landing-page-app (why?)

So my question, were should we fix it? Should the gorouter not be recursive over subdomains? Should we change the smoketest? Or am I on the wrong track and we should do something else?


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