Re: - CC configuration in deployment manifest

Kinjal Doshi

Thanks a lot Dieu, that answers my question.

I have another question about creating a deployment manifest using the
following as guidelines: http://do

The stud mentions that it requires 2 networks cf1 and cf2. I have created a
VPC with CIDR as and am creating two public subnets cf1 and
cf2 with CIDR as 10.10.160/20 and Is that the correct
approach? Or are these required to be private subnets.

In case of the minimal-aws deployment one private and one public subnet was
required but here since they are used for different zones, I am not sure if
both should be private or public or 1 each. Would be great if you could
please help me understand.


On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 1:05 AM, Dieu Cao <dcao(a)> wrote:

Hi Kinjal,

We generally recommend naming it with a specific identifiable folder name
that is not the bucket root.

This might look like:
buildpack_directory_key: buildpacks
droplet_directory_key: droplets

buildpack_directory_key: dev-cc-buildpacks
droplet_directory_key: dev-cc-droplets

Hope that helps.
Similarly for app_package_directory_key and resource_directory_key


On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 7:29 AM, Kinjal Doshi <kindoshi(a)> wrote:


I have a question regarding the configuration of cloud controller.

It is described at that
DROPLET_DIRECTORY_KEY should be replaced with the directory/bucket used to
store the droplets and BUILDPACK_DIRECTORY_KEY should be replaced with the
directory/bucket used to store buildpacks

Please help me understand if there should be specific values for these
two parameters or it could be just any random directory name which is
created later?


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