Announcing cf-mysql-release v20

Marco Nicosia

Hi There!

On behalf of the CF Core Services team I am pleased to announce v20 of
cf-mysql-release <>.


cf-mysql-release <> is a
BOSH release that delivers a database-as-a-service for Cloud Foundry users.
Through Cloud Foundry, users can provision databases and deliver unique
credentials to bound applications.

v20 expands on the AWS support introduced in v18. (v19 was a small update
release that hardly merited an e-mail to this list.) The major changes in
v20 are that we've restructured the templates used to generate BOSH
manifests for Amazon Web Services. These templates now split the three
major functions of our software, proxy, mysql and the service broker,
across separate AWS Availability Zones. The mysql job has been split to run
across three AZs, one instance each. Proxy and Service Broker are deployed
in an HA configuration across two Availability Zones.

If you've already deployed a version of cf-mysql-release on AWS, you'll
need to follow the upgrade instructions very carefully to re-deploy across
zones while retaining your data. Please see the release notes for v20

A neat side-effect of making this change is that we've given each job its
own Bosh resource pool
<> per Availability
Zone! With the new templates, the Operator can specify different instance
types per job. We've changed the defaults to save AWS users a little cash:
MySQL instances remain m3.larges while Brokers and Proxies drop down to
m3.mediums. You can find documentation on how to modify your instance sizes
on the deployment resources

Amidst other upgrades and improvements (we re-wrote the Quota Enforcer),
we've also upgraded MariaDB to version 10.0.17, Galera to 25.3.9, and
Xtrabackup to 2.2.10. Note that in combination with Bosh, MariaDB Galera
cluster upgrades are performed without downtime

If you'd like to know more, detailed release notes can be found on GitHub
<> and
If you'd like to know even more than that, each line contains a link to the
original story under which a feature was commissioned.

As always, we'd love to hear if you're having any problems with this
version of the software. Please open a GitHub issue
<>. If you're
willing, we're always very happy to receive a Pull Request

Marco Nicosia
Product Manager
Pivotal Software, Inc.
c: 650-796-2948

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