Re: uaa saml to ping-federate broke when upgrading from cf-226 to cf-227

Sree Tummidi

Hi Rich,

This has been fixed in the CF release v229 & v230
Its broken in CF Release v227 & v228


On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 8:52 AM, Rich Wohlstadter <lethwin(a)> wrote:

Thanks Sree,

We tried to send the new generated SP metadata over to ping again and ping
is complaining that it has an invalid signature. So, is the uaa release
that is on cf v228 the one with the mismatched key pairs? Just trying to
understand if its supposed to be fixed in uaa 2.7.3 or whether we need to
wait for a newer release to get this fixed or something else is going on.


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