Re: CF Organization Resource Consumption

Dieu Cao <dcao@...>

Hi Ponraj,

The summary end point is used in many ways but it was intended to give
insight into what a user has visibility to.
The memory_usage end point was added as a convenience end point and its
intention was to return the value that was being checked against the quota,
which includes things an org user might not have visibility for.

There was an effort previously to add quota usage end points at space and
organization level via PR but we ended up not merging it because the
submitter stopped responding.
I do think this would be useful functionality to add.
If anyone is interested in attempting the PR for these, please let me know.


On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 8:56 PM, Ponraj E <ponraj.e(a)> wrote:


Couples of questions on the resource consumption at an org level.

1. /v2/organizations/0b0c73fc-3094-42e8-96ef-dcdc58c3439f/memory_usage
gives me the memory usage for the whole organization.That is, it gives me
the memory consumed by all the spaces in an org irrespective of whether the
developer/user has been assigned to the spaces or not. But
/v2/organizations/0b0c73fc-3094-42e8-96ef-dcdc58c3439f/summary gives me the
resource consumed for the spaces only the user has been assigned to. So,Why
is it different? Is it by design?

2. If the memory usage can be retrieved at an org_level,I could not find
an API to get the routes_usage and services_usage.Is there an API in plan
for getting the routes_usage and services_usage as well? something like
v2/org/org_guid/routes_usage and v2/org/org_guid/services_usage.


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