Re: Setting up OAuth Server related question

Sree Tummidi

Hi Karthik,
You can use the UAA Server which is part of CloudFoundry deployment for
your App authorization needs. You can also deploy UAA Server stand-alone.
Details can be found here :
The UAA Server is multi-tenant and you can create a tenant (Referred to as
an Identity Zone) to have logical separation between the Developer Users
accessing Cloud Foundry vs. The App End Users.

Sree Tummidi
Sr. Product Manager
Identity - Pivotal Cloud Foundry

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 5:08 PM, Karthik S <karthik2001123(a)> wrote:


I have a basic question. We are planning to use Cloud Foundry for
building our platform. In the mean time, we want to enable OAuth2
capabilities for our application which will be used by the end users.

Cloud Foundry OAuth implementation is used for Cloud Foundry deployed
applications. But, can I use the OAuth Authorization server for our
application that is used by end users? This application is a SaaS
application. I need to provide different authorization capabilities for
different customers.

I request your clarification.

Thank you,
Karthik S

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