Re: UAA : Is anyone utilizing the Password Score Feature

Sree Tummidi

On the Password Score feature, I haven't yet received any updates on
whether its being used at all.
Please let us know if anyone is using the same.

Thank you Nick/Steve/Josh for the feedback !!
I agree with the approach of having Min Special Chars and specifying the
allowed special chars.
We are following the OWASP model. The list of allowed characters is here
I will update the policy requirements on my side.


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Hi Sree,

Not sure if this is possible, but maybe instead of
requireAtLeastOneSpecialCharacter boolean, you could do
minSpecialCharacters int (0-n)? This would allow more rigorous password


Nicholas Calugar

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Hi All,

The UAA team is in the process of implementing Password Policy feature<>
for users stored in UAA.
The following properties around password strength will be exposed in the
YML configuration.

# minLength: 8
# requireAtLeastOneSpecialCharacter: true
# requireAtLeastOneUppercaseCharacter: true
# requireAtLeastOneLowercaseCharacter: true
# requireAtLeastOneDigit: true

The Password Policy feature is being implemented to support multi-tenant
UAA. Each Tenant/Identity Zone will get its own password policy. The
password policy for the default zone will be configurable via YML.

UAA currently supports the zxcvbn<>
style password score. This is currently exposed via the following
properties in the YML configuration file. There is an end point<>
for querying the status of the same.


required-score: <int>

We would like to understand if this password score feature is being
utilized at all. We don't plan on making this feature multi-tenant and
would like to drop this in favor of the new approach which is much more
granular and supports multi tenancy.

Sree Tummidi
Sr. Product Manager
Identity - Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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