Re: Is a possible problem in Bluemix to download the source code of an App?

Gwenn Etourneau

Maybe you raise this issue to bluemix itself.

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 2:26 AM, Juan Antonio BreƱa Moral <
bren(a)> wrote:


yes, I tried using 2 mobile internet connections and an ADSL connection to
run the test in order to avoid any Proxy problem and the issue continued so
in bluemix, the blob store is disconnected but in PWS is enabled.

But, what is the purpose for this kind disconnection?

I am going to explain a possible scenario:

A multinational has a a popular App which it runs in some regions deployed
in Bluemix. so the IT team deploy the same application in several cells.
with the time, the App evolves and the new version is deployed in a first
region as pilot. In some cases, some companies to avoid lost the track of
source code, validates the code deployed not the code stored in the private
repository so using PAAS technology you could download the code
certificated and later deploy in a new region.

What is your opinion?

Juan Antonio

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