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We run the pipelines using the Docker image built from
cf-release/pipeline-image/Dockerfile, which checks out the spiff repo and
builds it, so it should be 1.0.6 since that seems to be where master is

Which SHA do you have checked out for cf-release/src/loggregator?

Do you see:

deployment: (( meta.environment ))

at the bottom of cf-release/templates/cf-lamb.yml?

Joseph Palermo
CF Runtime Team

On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 1:17 PM, Guillaume Berche <bercheg(a)> wrote:


I just checked, and I indeed still reproduce the issue against the
cf-release v210 branch with the submodule properly updated (including

What other info could be useful to diagnose the root cause and
environement difference with the cf runtime pipeline ? Are the pipeline
indeed using latest released spiff version (1.0.6 [8]) ?



On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 9:46 PM, Guillaume Berche <bercheg(a)>

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your prompt response and the details over the current
infrastructures covered by runtime pipelines. Great to hear the nfs
template will be merged soon, thanks!

I'm indeed using the generate_deployment_manifest from cf-release, and
was still experiencing issue described into [5], until I patched both
cf-release/templates/cf-lamb.yml (which happens to belong to loggregator
repo) and cf-jobs.yml as in [2].

I'll double check tomorrow if I could have be caught by a transient lack
of "git submodule update", which could have explained the problem on my
side. If this is the case, then I'm sorry for the noise, and the extra
associated work.




On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 7:50 PM, CF Runtime <cfruntime(a)> wrote:

Hi Guillaume,

The metron_agent.deployment default can be found in
cf-release/templates/cf-lamb.yml which should get merged automatically if
using the generate_deployment_manifest script in cf-release.

We do currently have pipelines for all supported environments (AWS,
vSphere, OpenStack, and BoshLite)

Spiff templates are still the recommended way of deploying cf-release,
and I would expect the nfs template change to be merged today as it is near
the top of our backlog.

Joseph Palermo
CF Runtime Team

On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 7:32 AM, Guillaume Berche <bercheg(a)>


Thanks for the v210 announcement and the associated release note. It
seems that the v209-announced introduction of a new mandatory
metron_agent.deployment property did not make it into the default spiff
templates [5]. Note I tried updating v209 release note formatting to make
this more explicit [6].

I'm wondering whether the pivotal runtime/release team has a cf-release
pipeline for vsphere infrastructure (I'm suspecting the aws-based pipelines
were fine) ? Is such pipeline using the spiff templates into
cf-release/templates [4], or has it moved to something else such as
cf-boshworkspace [3] ?

If the spiff templates templates into cfrelease/templates are still the
recommended way of deploying CF, is there a way to priorize the merge of
PRs for known issues in v211 such as [1] and [2], as to avoid the need by
the cf-community to maintain its own fork of cfrelease/templates ?

Thanks in advance,



On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 7:59 AM, Dieu Cao <dcao(a)> wrote:

The cf-release v210 was released on May 23rd, 2015

- Addressed USN-2617-1 <>
- Removed fuse binaries from lucid64 rootfs . Apps running on
lucid64 stack requiring fuse should switch to cflinuxfs2 details
- fuse binaries updated on cflinuxfs2 rootfs. details
- [Experimental] Work continues on support for Asynchronous
Service Instance Operationsdetails
- Support for configurable max polling duration
- [Experimental] Work continues on /v3 and Application Process
Types details <>
- [Experimental] Work continues on Route API details
- [Experimental] Work continues on Context Path Routes details
- Work continues on support for Service Keys details
- Upgrade etcd server to 2.0.1 details
- Should be run as 1 node (for small deployments) or 3 nodes
spread across zones (for HA)
- Also upgrades hm9k dependencies. LAMB client to be upgraded
in a subsequent release. Older client is compatible.
- cloudfoundry/cf-release #670
<>: Be able to
specify timeouts for acceptance tests without defaults in the spec.
details <>
- Fix bug where ssl enabled routers were not draining properly
details <>
- cloudfoundry/cloud_controller_ng #378
<>: current
usage against the org quota details


- Bumped to UAA 2.3.0 details

Used Configuration

- BOSH Version: 152
- Stemcell Version: 2889
- CC Api Version: 2.27.0

Commit summary
Compatible Diego Version

- final release 0.1247.0 commit

Manifest and Job Spec Changes

- properties.acceptance_tests.skip_regex added
- properties.app_ssh.host_key_fingerprint added
- properties.app_ssh.port defaults to 2222
- properties.uaa.newrelic added
- properties.login.logout.redirect.parameter.whitelist

On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 9:50 PM, James Bayer <jbayer(a)>

CVE-2015-3202 details:

CVE-2015-1834 details:

On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 9:41 PM, James Bayer <jbayer(a)>

please note that this release addresses CVE-2015-3202 and
CVE-2015-1834 and we strongly recommend upgrading to this release. more
details will be forthcoming after the long united states holiday weekend.


Thank you,

James Bayer

Thank you,

James Bayer

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