Re: [abacus] CouchDB

Hristo Iliev


I've been working on an initial implementation of mongodb client:

The implementation is currently meant as a drop-in replacement for the existing CouchDB client. Any comments or ideas about the implementation are welcome.

The client successfully passes the dbclient tests (I extended them with 2 new tests that helped me cover more edge cases), but currently the rest of the Abacus apps have problems with this implementation. It will take some time to discover all the bits needed to make the client work as the Couch one.

Besides the obvious "all tests should pass" we should also tackle details like:
- COUCHDB env. variable rename to just DB for instance
- How to ship Abacus? Do we want 2 flavours/distros or a single distributable?
- How to build and test Abacus? An idea is to have submodule for the client so we can simply switch the 2 clients. This however depends on how we ship.

I wanted to hear some opinions, before diving deeper into this. WDYT?

Hristo Iliev

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