Re: Diego Docker private repository not working

Ted Young

We don't currently support private docker registries, because as far as we
are aware the only auth scheme currently supported by private docker
registries is username/password. It is a violation of our security
protocols to flow through and retain user credentials, such as passwords,
in our system. We are waiting for an access token or similar scheme to be

On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 7:13 AM, Anuj Jain <anuj17280(a)> wrote:


I could not able to run docker containers using docker's v2 private
repository - I am using CF V226, Diego V0.1443.0 and Diego docker cache
V0.1021.0 (with stemcell V3146 - across all components).

I also found on your site that private is not supported with V2 yet ( and/or
- please confirm is that still the case or is there any workaround.

I can launch the docker app/container from Docker Hub public v2
registory - but while trying to use with private it is giving following

ef797df93a34: Pull complete
af28fa31b54b: Pull complete
Status: Downloaded newer image for anuj17280/public:v1
Docker image pulled.
Docker image will be cached as
Tagging docker image anuj17280/public:v1 as
Docker image tagged.
Pushing docker image
The push refers to a repository
(len: 1)
unable to ping registry endpoint
v2 ping attempt failed with error: Get tls: oversized
record received with length 20527
v1 ping attempt failed with error: Get tls: oversized
record received with length 20527
failed to cache image anuj17280/public:v1 exit status 1
Staging process failed: Exit trace for group:
builder exited with error: exit status 1
docker_daemon exited with nil
Exit status 2
Staging Failed: Exited with status 2


- Anuj

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