Runtime PMC - 2015-05-04 Notes

Dieu Cao <dcao@...>


We held the first Runtime PMC bi-weekly meeting today.
Following on Mike D's lead, I'd like to share the notes from the meeting.

CF Runtime PM


CF Runtime PMC

May 5, 2015


Chip Childers

Alex Tarpinian

Chris Sterling

Chris Ferris

Atul Kshirsagar

Michael Fraenkel

Steve Winkler

Mark Kropf

Zach Robinson

Erik Jasiak

Sree Tummidi

Dieu Cao

Eric Malm

Onsi Fakhouri

Proposal to move cfoundry to the cloudfoundy-attic

It’s not being maintained.

No objections raised during the PMC

Backlog reviews of:



nearly complete with Route API and context path routing

Proposal to be sent out later this week for basic rate limiting for
cloud controller to protect against users DOS’ing cloud controller

Work planned soon to move to Concourse for CI

Inception on Friday for rate limiting for CC and route services



wrapping up LDAP multi-tenancy support

starting on handling SAML attributes in tokens

password policies is up after SAML support



Discovered dopplers were more cpu/thread-bound than thought

Needed to unwind some goals until doppler efficiency improved.

Fix is in progress and going well.

Up next #1 - Will bring back nozzles when pipeline can handle load

Up next #2 - Working with Runtime on etcd upgrade.

Up next #3 -



Completed 50-cell performance experiments and generated stories, will
start 100-cell one soon

SSH access to containers progressing, currently setting up
app/space/system access policies in CC and external routability

stories to come soon for versioning releases and schemas and improving
inter-component security



Tracking the Diego release well and hopes to have their first release
coordinated with the first Diego release.
- Greenhouse team working with Century Link and HP to improve container

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