Re: Web sockets + Cloud Foundry

Matthew Sykes <matthew.sykes@...>

James Bayer posted about a fun experiment with web sockets a while back.
Might be a good starting point:

You need to make sure that the url uses the correct protocol and port for
your CF target. You can reference `doppler_logging_endpoint` from /v2/info
as a template.

On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 4:53 PM, Lakshman Mukkamalla (lmukkama) <
lmukkama(a)> wrote:

Hi CF Dev team,
I am just starting to look into how web sockets based app can run in a
cloud foundry env. If you have any reference links/wiki’s that walk thru
this web sockets working, will help me here. I understand from cloud
foundry docs that it has some level of support with web sockets but will
give a try on a sample app in the meantime.


Matthew Sykes

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