Exposing more meta-data for admin buildpacks

Jack Cai

Now that most buildpacks only support a small set of runtime versions (as
defined in their manifest), it makes good sense to make this information
easily accessible by users. They can of course go to the github project and
open that manifest file, or read the doc, but I think the better way might
be making that information accessible through API/CLI. We already have a
set of API/CLI-commands for managing admin buildpacks. It seems pretty
straightforward to add that support, e.g., allowing users to issue:

cf buildpack xyz_buildpack

which returns some descriptive information on supported runtime versions
(and the default) in addition to existing information like index, enabled,
etc. These descriptive information can be registered when
"create-buildpack" is issued, either provided explicitly, or reading from a
certain file in the buildpack package.

Does anybody like this idea? Can we add it to the backlog?


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