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Michael Maximilien

Excellent. Please make sure to comment, if you have any. We want to address all by YE (BTW, thanks Amit for your comments).



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On Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 3:56 AM, Matthias Ender <Matthias.Ender(a)>

yes, that one would hit the spot!
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Have you seen Dr. Max's proposal for apps with persistence:
It looks like exactly what you're talking about.
Johannes is correct, for now you can't do anything like mount volumes in the container. Any sort of persistence has to be externalized to a service you connect to over the network. Depending on the type of data and how you interact with it, a document store or object store would be the way to go, but you could in principle use a relational database, key value store, etc. Swift will give you S3 and OpenStack compatibility, so given that you're going to need a new implementation anyways, Swift might be a good choice.
On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 8:14 AM, Johannes Hiemer <jvhiemer(a)<mailto:jvhiemer(a)>> wrote:
Gerne Matthias. :-)
Swift should be an easy way to go if you know the S3 API quite well.
On 10.12.2015, at 16:53, Matthias Ender <Matthias.Ender(a)<mailto:Matthias.Ender(a)>> wrote:
Danke, Johannes.
We actually have an implementation that uses S3, but want to also be able to also support openstack, on-premise. Rather than re-implementing in swift, nfs would be an easier path from the app development side.
But if there is no path on the cf side, we’ll have to rethink.
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Subject: [cf-dev] Re: persistence for apps?
Hi Mathias,
the assumption you have is wrong. There are two issues regarding your suggestion:
1) you don't have any control on the cf side (client) over nfs in warden containers. As far as I know this won't be the case for Diego as well
2) you should stick with solutions like swift or s3 for sharing data, which is the propagated way for cloud native applications
What kind of data are you going to share between the apps?
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Johannes Hiemer
On 10.12.2015, at 16:15, Matthias Ender <Matthias.Ender(a)<mailto:Matthias.Ender(a)>> wrote:
We are looking at solutions to persist and share directory-type information among a couple of apps within our application stack.
NFS comes to mind.
How would one go about that? A manifest modification to mount the nfs share on the runners, I assume. How would the apps then get access? A volume mount on the Warden container? But where to specify that?
Or am I thinking about this the wrong way?
thanks for any suggestions,

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