Cloud Foundry Org/Space Metadata Synchronization

Chaskin Saroff <chaskin.saroff@...>

As I project requirement, I'm attempting to extend some user preferences about an org/space. The requirement includes basic CRUD operations for these preferences with each preferences being **user level**. This means that each user gets their own preferences for each org that they are a part of. For example, a user, Bob in orgA should be able to set his first orgA preference to true and his second orgA preference to "banana".

At the moment, my architecture has these preferences stored in a couchdb database outside of cloud foundry. This approach works up to the point where a user is removed from an org that they have set preferences in. The same issue arises when an org is deleted and these same preference ideas and issues can be extended to spaces as well.

My question is, is there any way to keep my preferences database up to date with the data living in CF(via webhooks, etc)? Alternatively, is there some other method of storing these preferences that will mitigate these synchronization issues?

Hopefully this makes sense, but please ask for clarity if something isn't clicking.

The very best regards,

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