How to use SSL with multi domain

Anuj Jain <anuj17280@...>


We successfully able to create, map and test any new domain (private
and/or shared both) and could also able to access application using that
new domain/route.
Now we want to configure SSL for new domain - I have few questions:

1/ is cloud foundry provide multiple SSL offload on haproxy?
2/ I do not want to use any third party option (e.g. cloudflare -, is there
any otherway which I can use and if not by when we can expect native SSL
termination support on cloud foundry.
3/ we do have two environments one on VSPhere and other one on AWS - on AWS
we are using ELB - can we terminate multiple SSL on ELB for multiple/custom
domains on same port (do not want to change the port for each SSL cert)

- Anuj

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