Re: [cf-env] [abacus] Changing how resources are organized

Jean-Sebastien Delfino

Hi Daniel,

Is that related to Github issue #38?


- Jean-Sebastien

On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 11:22 AM, dmangin <dmangin(a)> wrote:

With the current way we have resource_ids being used for metering,
accumulation, and aggregation, we have to have a resource definition for
every resource_id that people are using. Then when we have custom
buildpacks, we will have to start creating a resource definition for each
one of them, inflating the amount of the resource definitions that we have.
So we will be adding a new field called resource_type_id ontop of the
resource_id that will be the resource definition abacus uses, allowing
custom buildpacks to fall under the resource type. So we were thinking of
having the hierarchy changed so resource_id is underneath resource_type_id.

When we implement this, we will have to change abacus to use the
resource_type_id rather than the resource_id to do the calculations. What
changes will this cause in abacus right now and how will this affect the
previous reports abacus has created?

Daniel Mangin

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