Replacing nfs with WebDAV

Dieu Cao <dcao@...>

Hello All,

The CAPI team has been investigating replacing the nfs as the default
blobstore option in cf-release with WebDAV.

There are a number of reasons for doing this.
The flakiness of the nfs_mounter job.
The requirement for rpc-bind and nfs-common packages in the bosh stemcell
and thus open ports on jobs that didn't need them [1]
There is a feature on the bosh backlog [2] to have the agent poll process
state on "STOP" messages which is blocked by cloud controller's use of nfs
because cc would get stuck if the nfs job should change IP.

We successfully completed a spike to investigate if we could replace nfs in
a backwards compatible way without requiring migration of blobs with webdav
building on some work that the bosh team did.

We'll be working on the bosh packaging for webdav and making sure that we
can provide instructions to make this change as seamless as possible and
hopefully we'll have this available "soon".



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