Re: Java Buildpack v3.4

James Bayer

i'm happy to see the new debug, profiling and jmx functionality and all of
the community contributions. also happy to see spring boot 1.3 support
picked up so quickly.

the link to the release in your post pointed to java-buildpack 3.3, and i
think you meant for it to be this URL:

congrats on the release!



On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 2:22 AM Christopher Frost <cfrost(a)> wrote:

I'm pleased to announce the release of the java-buildpack, version 3.4. This
release focuses on developer diagnostic tools.

- JMX Support with cf ssh
- Debugging Support with cf ssh (via Mike Youngstrom
- YourKit Profiling Support with cf ssh
- Improved Tomcat documentation (via Violeta Georgieva
- Improved Tomcat testing (via Violeta Georgieva
- Improved AppDynamics config (via Nikhil Katre

For a more detailed look at the changes in 3.4, please take a look at the commit
log <>.
Packaged versions of the buildpack, suitable for use with create-buildpack
and update-buildpack, can be found attached to this release
*Packaged Dependencies*

- AppDynamics Agent: 4.1.7_1
- GemFire 8.2.0
- GemFire Modules 8.2.0
- GemFire Modules Tomcat7 8.2.0
- GemFire Security 8.2.0
- Groovy: 2.4.5
- JRebel 6.3.0
- MariaDB JDBC: 1.3.2
- Memory Calculator (mountainlion): 2.0.1.RELEASE
- Memory Calculator (precise): 2.0.1.RELEASE
- Memory Calculator (trusty): 2.0.1.RELEASE
- New Relic Agent: 3.22.0
- OpenJDK JRE (mountainlion): 1.8.0_65
- OpenJDK JRE (precise): 1.8.0_65
- OpenJDK JRE (trusty): 1.8.0_65
- Play Framework JPA Plugin: 1.10.0.RELEASE
- PostgreSQL JDBC: 9.4.1206
- RedisStore: 1.2.0_RELEASE
- Spring Auto-reconfiguration: 1.10.0_RELEASE
- Spring Boot CLI: 1.3.0_RELEASE
- Tomcat Access Logging Support: 2.4.0_RELEASE
- Tomcat Lifecycle Support: 2.4.0_RELEASE
- Tomcat Logging Support: 2.4.0_RELEASE
- Tomcat: 8.0.29
- YourKit: 2015.15080

Christopher Frost - Pivotal UK
Java Buildpack Team

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