Scaling Services

Flávio Henrique Schuindt da Silva <flavio.schuindt at>

Hi, guys.

I'm a beginner in using CF and I successfully deployed cf-mysql-release [1]
and now I can write, read, etc from the database as a service bound in my

Now, I have some questions and it would be really great if someone could
help me.

a) Ok, I have a database that works and its great. Imagine a scenario that
a lot of clients are acessing my app and now I have to scale. How CF scale
the service? I mean there must be some way to give more nodes on the maria
db cluster provided by [1], right?

b) If I need to save profile pictures to a user table. What should I do?
Save it as blob in the database since write data to disk is not recommended
by cf docs because apps are isolated each other in the DEA.

Thank you very much for your patient and time.

[1] -

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