Audio Transcription Service Provider - USD 0.60 per audio minute

Gina Smith <info@...>


I have over 5 years of transcription experience and have been supporting several clients with their transcription requirements. I assure you of quality work and most importantly confidentiality of all the proprietary information / materials. All the work is deleted from our systems as soon as the transcription is completed to the satisfaction of our client.

I do sign an NDA if so required. I offer a very low rate of USD 0.60 per audio minute and audios can be transcribed and returned within 24-48 hrs time. What I can also do is a sample transcript and if the sample is to your satisfaction, then we can take it forward from there.

Payment can be made only if you are satisfied with the work and the payment mode could be PayPal, wire transfer or any other means as per your convenience. Let me know what is a good time to call you and discuss this further.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and working for you and once again I assure you of quality work and confidentiality of information.

Gina Smith

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