Getting Staging error: no available stagers while pushing app

Flávio Henrique Schuindt da Silva <flavio.schuindt at>

Hi, guys.

Suddently (after monthns of working fine), my CF instalation on aws started to fail. I'm getting this erros when trying to push an app: Staging error: no available stagers.

Googling, I found it:!topic/vcap-dev/_vY8aQmTAi4

It seems that there is some kind of limit in DEA resource. It's not a physical limit, but a config that is limiting DEA to use all of the resources. Following this disucssion in google groups, I saw that we should change these parameters:


The only one that is shown in my manifest is memory_mb and it's quite huge: 30GB. The others I couldn't figured out where they are. It seems that they are encapsulated in a external template:

- {name: dea_next, release: cf}
- {name: dea_logging_agent, release: cf}
- {name: metron_agent, release: cf}

But i don't have a dea_next template. I don't know where to find it.

Can anyone help me?

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