Re: - Reducing number of instances on a cloud foundry deployment

Amit Kumar Gupta

The cf-boshworkspace project from Stark and Wayne: provides an
cf-aws-tiny.yml template, which I believe gets it down to 4 instances.

In principle, everything should be able to run on 1 VM, but my
understanding is there are port collisions that aren't configurable (yet),
and so 4 was the lower bound S&W found.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 4:33 AM, Kinjal Doshi <kindoshi(a)> wrote:


I am looking at miminal-aws.yml in the release and realized that this
deployment will consume 13 instances on AWS.

Is it possible to reduce the number of instances for this deployment?

Thanks a lot for the help in advance.


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