Configure --insecureDockerRegistryList on garden-linux

Chad Maughan

I'm attempting to connect Lattice 0.6.0 to a private Docker registry.

In a previous version of Lattice (that used garden-linux 0.295.0), accomplishing that required passing the --insecureDockerRegistryList option to garden-linux via the /etc/init/garden-linux.conf file and restarting with initctl.

It appears the new version of garden-linux bundled with Lattice (0.307.0) is invoked differently. I can see the process running with tee2metron but can't seem to find where I would pass in my needed configuration property. Searches on the internet haven't yielded much help.

I'm sure I'm missing something simple (and probably fundamental in the CF world) but I'm hopeful that someone on this list can help fix my ignorance and point me in the right direction.


PS - I created a GH issue on Lattice here:

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