Re: CF CLI v6.14.0 Released Today

Marco Voelz

On 23/11/15 18:56, "Dieu Cao" <dcao(a)<mailto:dcao(a)>> wrote:

To clarify the point above, a space manager can manage space level roles for any user of the organization. They will not be able to add users to the space if that user is not yet a member of the space's organization.

Thanks Dieu for clarifying this, I was a little confused when adding users to a Space with just the SpaceAdmin role didn't work here. Is that really the intended and expected behavior?

From a technical perspective, I guess this is because adding someone to a Space makes her a member of the Org by implication as well. And therefore the person adding needs to either have rights to modify the Org membership or the person being added needs to be member of the Org already? If this is going to stay like this, we probably have to think about our internal structuring of Orgs and Spaces.

This restriction isn't really reflected in the documentation, though, right [1]?


Thanks and warm regards

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