PLEASE READ: BOSH-Lite stemcell broken

Amit Kumar Gupta

Hey all,

TL;DR: Please DO NOT use BOSH-Lite stemcell 3126 for local development or
CI, use the previous version, 2776.

This issue has been announced multiple times before, but people are still
hitting it. Unfortunately it's a hard issue to diagnose, and by the time
it happens you might not remember this email, but several different users
and core CF development teams have sunk a fair bit of time tripping over
this so apologies for the alarmist subject line.

BOSH-Lite stemcell 3126 is not compatible with consul-release. This only
affects certain use cases, but it's recommended to err on the side of
caution and not use this stemcell. Use 2776 for local development, and if
you're deploying to BOSH-Lite in your CI pipelines, and you're pulling in
the latest stemcell, make sure you don't pull in 3126. If you're using
Concourse for CI, it's very simple to disable a particular version of a

If you'd like a more nuanced explanation of what the issue is, and whether
or not it's likely to affect your use case, please feel free to ask.


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