CF Runtime

Have you checked the control script logs in the `/var/vcap/sys/log/`
folder? If the jobs are failing to start that's a good place to start. If
you send them to us we can tell you more.

Also, what infrastructure are you deploying cloud foundry to, and can you
send us the manifest you're using to deploy it?

Natalie & Mikhail
OSS Integration & Runtime

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 1:19 AM, Parthiban A <senjiparthi(a)> wrote:

Hello All,
Since, I was facing the following issue for very long time,
I have opened it as a separate thread. The problem am currently facing is

Error 400007: `api_z1/0' is not running after update

I have SSHed into the api_z1/0 VM and did a monit summary. It shows that

root(a)5c446a3d-3070-4d24-9f2e-1cff18218c07:/var/vcap/sys/log# monit summary
The Monit daemon 5.2.4 uptime: 20m

Process 'cloud_controller_ng' initializing
Process 'cloud_controller_worker_local_1' not monitored
Process 'cloud_controller_worker_local_2' not monitored
Process 'nginx_cc' initializing
Process 'metron_agent' running
File 'nfs_mounter' Does not exist
System 'system_5c446a3d-3070-4d24-9f2e-1cff18218c07' running

Could anyone help on this issue? Thanks.

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